Nov. 24th, 2011

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope you're digesting a fantastic dinner and doing your favorite relaxing activities, whatever those are. I'm very very thankful to have all of you in my life, right there on the other end of the Internet. ♥

The Turkey Trot was great fun. It took place in the little town that awelkin calls "The Texas Hogsmeade," and the 5K basically took us all through the town. The weather was gorgeous. We started off with the apparently traditional singalong of "Sweet Caroline" (I have no idea what this symbolizes, except that if you get a bunch of Texans together eventually you will end up singing along to something even if no one has had anything to drink yet) followed by the singing of the national anthem and HtB saying a prayer which had nothing to do with Neil Diamond.

I was just running along, not trying to blow the doors off anybody, and I thought I was running about 12 minute miles. Lo and behold, I finished in 28:48, which means I was doing 9 minute miles! I declined the post-race sausage tacos and beer, the sausage tacos because I am a vegetarian and the beer because, if I ever were going to drink beer at 9:30 am, it at least would not be Miller Lite.

(The sausage tacos were a sausage with a tortilla wrapped around it. There was a guy who was obviously not from around here, holding his taco, looking at it in an alarmed way, and saying, "I just can't do it.")

Then we did the Kid Print; I was doing the computer that captures the kids' pictures and fingerprints. It was pretty simple but after a while I got a headache from squinting at the screen in the bright sun, trying to see if the fingerprints had come out or not! Fortunately, by that time we were pretty much wrapping up.

We had steak (for HtB) and Gardein Turk'y (for me), mashed potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts with romano cheese, and sourdough bread. The Turk'y was not only yummy but also looked almost exactly like turkey; the only drawback was that you just can't replicate the mouth-feel you get from collagen. Yummy, yummy collagen.

The kittens on our porch brought us a bird for Thanksgiving. They very kindly left it on the sidewalk outside our back door. Hopefully this means they are getting tame enough that we'll be able to get them into a carrier and to the Humane Society soon!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. *hugs*


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