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All of a sudden, I am exhausted. HtB says that now that summer is mostly over, I am relaxing enough to realize how tired I am.

$100,000 Grant Application of Improbability is basically done! The city grant coordinator will submit it tomorrow.

We have two full Lego League teams! Thank goodness I registered a second team when I did, or we would have had a bunch of disappointed kids yesterday. And some parents agreed to help coach. I will meet with them this coming Saturday and the teams will start practicing the week after that.

The anime club has discovered the Grant of Improbability, and are nothing daunted by the improbableness, or the timeline of a grant application. They want video editing software and an external hard drive before the local anime convention so they can make videos. I told them that the issue is not so much the software or the hard drive as it is a soundproof space for them to make videos in, since I think the rest of the library is looking forward to the peace and quiet of fall.

Scratch that. There isn't any quiet in the library in the fall, either. :)

Our laptop has been FedExed off to HP to fix, so I haven't been very good at keeping up with the flist, but I know some people could use *hugs*, so I'm sending them even when I'm not at the keyboard.
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